The Journey Begins

Hello Internet!

It turns out that any lunatic with a paypal account can make their own website, so here I am. With my own website. Gosh that’s a lot of blank space….

Well no time like the present I guess. If you are here then you either know me or have stumbled upon this website somehow. Either way, let me tell you how this is going to go down.

I don’t hold with perfect content. I don’t filter my photos into some kind of unrecognizable perfect alter-dimension. I write the way I talk which is, you may have already noticed, a mile a minute. This website is going to be my blog and my canvas. I am going to fill it with rambling messages, music, videos, artwork, songs, poems and everything I do in relation to my music.

Also possibly some things that I just think are cool.

So if that strikes you as fun then take my hand and join me on this magical rollercoaster ride of music making, travelling and harping on πŸ˜‰

It’s time. Let’s bring back the bard!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. β€” Izaak Walton


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